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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Friendships, Family Heirlooms and a Farmhouse Kitchen

It has been a long time since I have written a post...and for this I apologize.  Life gets so busy sometimes and one forgets how meaningful life's little pleasures are when they are put aside for the time being. 

In November I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 10 days in Spain; 3 days in Madrid at the Tom Bishop Miniature Show where I met many of the wonderful miniature artisans who I have admired for so long and many who I am fortunate to call my friends.  I then went on to spend 5 days in Barcelona, 2 of those days spent touring Barcelona with Eva Perendreu and meeting a few wonderful miniature artisans from the Barcelona area over coffee (including Ivana Paez and Jorgelina Ferreyra from Argentina). Thank you Eva, Susi, Maria Jose Blanco and Ana Mimundorosa for helping me with my travel plans...

Susi from MiniEdenTienda
Eva Perendreu

After I returned home I moved my studio into one room that I can dedicate to my miniatures.   I collect vintage Denby stoneware, some of which was passed down to me from my mother who bought it when she was on her honeymoon with my father in the early '70's.  I was happy to be able to incorporate a few of these wonderful heirlooms into my studio space.

Many of my miniatures are modeled after the things that were in both of my grandmother's kitchens.  I have been working on my maternal grandmother's summer kitchen over the past year...I have included a photo so that you can see the progress.


  1. You have a lovely miniatures room! So tidy and beautiful!
    I really hope to meet you again, in Barcelona or in Canada. We were very happy to be with you and I would love to meet your husband and your beautiful boys. I am not sure if Nala will think the same :)
    I have told you on Facebook . I love your farmhouse kitchen, it's going to be gorgeous.
    We miss you. Lots of love !

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    I missed you on facebook and Etsy, you are a lovely person.
    Thanks again for you friendship.

  3. nice to see your blog again, i admire your beautiful work! The kitchen is fantastic !

  4. Love the farmhouse kitchen. Such attention to detail!

  5. me alegro de que te gustase tu visita a Madrid y Barcelona ,veo que has estado muy ocupada con distintas cosas , eso esta muy bien



  6. Good to see you back on your blog! This entry was a great retrospective of the events of recent months.
    Your new studio looks a great place.
    I love the photos of your miniatures,
    A big hug.

  7. Bienvenida de nuevo¡¡¡
    Echo de menos tus trabajos, pero sobre todo a ti, se que ha sido complicado, pero me alegro de verte de nuevo por aqui.
    Que añoranza al ver nuestra foto juntas, me pongo tonta¡¡¡
    Tu taller es maravilloso, tan limpio y bonito, genial



  8. Good to see you back :) I like your kitchen very much. As usual, you arranged lots of beautiful details into one even more beautiful display. And Spain... lucky you :)

  9. Dear Jennifer,
    You must have had an amazing trip and so nice to meet like-minded miniaturists.

    I wanted to write and thank you for your kind attention in creating the bosc pear preserves and board just for me. They will appear in the near future in my blog as an acknowledgement to Elizabetth for her gift and to you for your creative talent!
    I am delighted with everything. I must admit I do love the glass jars and fruit with the cinnamon sticks best of all.
    All the best . Janine

  10. Jennifer, Janine again, Your choice of a ribbon to accent the bottles was a perfect choice for the character of my mini house.


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